"Unlock your potential" 
Mentors are a key aspect of any successful persons journey. For those of us with criminal convictions, coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, or those who face crippling adversities, mentorship becomes a need for survival. Without mentors and support, despite all of our greatest efforts, we would not have overcome the adversities we overcame. 

Building strong mentor relationships is the foundation of success. We work personally with our scholars to engender complete trust. We listen carefully to their vision and do everything in our power to help them maximize their potential. We have a team of mentors who mentor both groups and individuals ranging in ages from elementary school to adulthood. 

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Locations: Baltimore City and nationwide
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Speaking Engagements

"Being who you are is a matter of understanding and appreciating your past, and building your future" 
We have engaged hundreds of people through my public and professional speaking engagements.

Our approach:
1) Envision our target audience, 2) Identify and become one with the topic, 3) deliver a  timely, relevant, engaging and valuable message to the audience, 4) Seek to  help attendees improve in some measurable aspect, and 5) Provide relevant, actionable conclusions.

We are working on training several others (with criminal conviction(s) and returning from prison) in hopes of building a team of speakers to inspire through their stories. We incorporate hip-hop into some of our talks. Several of our speakers are up-and-coming artists. 

​We craft each speech individually and slightly differently depending on my audience. Three recurring titles we have used are "Pathways to greatness", "Unlock your potential", and "Sharing my story to inspire your story."  My scientific speeches are mostly focused on my diabetes research. 

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Educational Counseling

"Our hopes are to inspire others with similar backgrounds to excel beyond what society has imposed to be the norm."
We are not life time criminals. We are not felons or ex-convicts. We are people. We have always been people. I am a person first and foremost. I am a person with multiple criminal convictions and a person who has been to prison. But, I am still a person. So much of what the criminal justice system and society does is focused on and centered around dehumanizing people like us. I was sentenced as a prior and persistent career criminal. What "person" in their adolescent/early 20's can say anything they are doing is a career. I am now an endocrinologist scientist at a world renowned medical institution. I am just now moving into what could be considered a career.

Returning from prison and reentering society is a daunting task with many mountainous barriers. People returning from prison face a number of challenges - many of which I too faced, challenged, and overcame! You can climb that mountain. You can jump that hurdle. And we would like to help you. 

Amongst the many challenges of reentry (obtaining housing, finding a job, reconnecting with family), we focus and counsel on them all with a strong emphasis on education. Education has been the biggest balancer to offset my criminal convictions. Education broadens horizons, tears down (policy-based and psychological) fences, and leads to career building. It's not good enough to just get a job. We want to help you build a career. We will help you navigate the sometimes confusing college application process and the even more frustrating loan/grant process. 

Weekend Workshops: (1) SAT/GRE prep, (2) Loan application prep, (3) College application prep, (4) College readiness course

DescriptionThe goal is to inspire & to help people with criminal convictions obtain college education. Our clients receive college/loan application assistance, SAT/GRE prep, college readiness workshops, paid mini-internship (if applicable), sitting in on college courses (before enrolling), access to tutors, scholarship opportunities (if applicable), and 2-yrs of mentoring. Formerly incarcerated college graduates serve as mentors.​ Flyer: https://goo.gl/1cMvim  

**A national call for applicaitons will be available soon for an opportunity to recieve educational scholarship funds and attendance to 2 national conferences/workshops on higher education in and after incarceration.**

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Helping Change Policy

"A 2007 study by Olszewska et al showed that there is no connection between background checks and campus safety."
We share our stories regularly with local lawmakers and politicians in hopes of affecting policies around prison reform and reentry from prison. We have shared our stories with policy makers on Capitol Hill, in Maryland and Missouri courthouses, in municipal settings, and at the National Institutes of Health. We are currently helping to "Ban the Box"  on college applications nationwide and to improve access to edcuation for currently and formerly incarcerated people. We are actively seeking other opportunities to impact policy.

Current Issues or Policies being addressed:
1. Ban the Box on College Applications. Sign the Petition to pledge your support. Find out more on Maryland House Bill 694.
2. First Step Act. Find out more here
3. Removing the Convictions Question from the FAFSA. Find out more here
4. Expanding Second Chance Pell. Find out more here

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