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"Support College After Incarceration"
  1. Dr. Stanley Andrisse
    Director Dr. Stanley Andrisse is a formerly incarcerated person who is now an endocrinologist scientist at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Amongst many other things, he is also a Board member for the Advocates for Goucher Prison Education Partnership (GPEP).
  2. Stephanie Andrisse, MSE
    Secretary and Educational Curriculum Coordinator Stephanie Andrisse is an elementary school educator with a Masters in Special Education and Educational Cultural Com-petence. She has 5 years’ experience of teaching in inner city environments including Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore City.
  3. Jerry Moore, III
    Chief Operating Officer and Senior St. Louis Mentor Jerry Moore is a formerly incarcerated individual who spent nine years in prison for armed criminal action and armed rob-bery. Moore is currently a hip-hop music artist and producer in St. Louis, Missouri and is enrolling in Nelly's Ex'treme Insti-tute (EI) musical producing program. Moore and Andrisse met in 2008 while incarcerated together. They promised each other to make a change once they re-turned. This promise is the inspiration behind From Prison Cells to PhD, Inc. Moore grew up in the infamously impoverished Walnut Park area in North St. Louis City. A lot of his troubles began due to the conditions he had been faced with growing up. Upon his release, he has been committed to his conscious change to making better decisions and is now helping others in his community. Education has been a large part of his transformation change.
  4. Rahmari Jackson
    Reentry Mentor and Counselor Rahmari Jackson is a formerly incarcerated individual who spent nearly 13 years in prison on three prison stints related to drug sales from the time he was 17 years old to his early 30s. Most of his 20s was spent in prison. He was released twice before his most previous release. He was re-incarcerated within less than 6 months those first two releases. Jackson and Andrisse met while incarcerated. They spent many hours discussing how they would change upon release. Jackson was intrigued with Andrisse's work ethic even while incarcerated. They promised each other to stay connected when they returned. Jackson is now a licensed welder having completed his welding degree from Vatterott College. Andrisse assisted Jackson in the application and loan process for the Vatterott program. Higher education has changed Jackson's perspective on life. He has been free since 2011. This is his longest period of non-incarceration in his adult life. He now has a productive career and is devoted to helping others successful return from prison.
  5. Jessica Yoo
    SAT/GRE Prep Coordinator Jessica is a program associate for the Sentencing Project. Prior to joining The Sentencing Project, she was an Emerson National Hunger Fellow with The Congressional Hunger Center. As a Hunger Fellow, she worked at Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon in Portland, Oregon and at the National WIC Association in Washington, D.C. She received her undergraduate degree in Russian Studies from Wellesley College and Master's in Public Administration from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.
  6. Thomas K.M. Cudjoe, MD, MPH
    Program Consultant Dr. Cudjoe is a physician in Geriatric Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Additionally, Dr. Cudjoe is a Leader at Culture of Health Leaders. Culture of Health Leaders is a national leadership program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support leaders—from all sectors that have an influence on people’s health—to create collaborative solutions that address health inequities and move their communities and organizations toward a Culture of Health.

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